Girls like us and boys like you,
We'll make the story books come true.
It's what we know, it's what we do.
I'll say hello "how do you do?"
You'll say "I want to marry you".
You'll have to ask. And I'll have to
Give you an answer.
We've learned to think about ourselves
Needing the love of someone else.
We live our lives only to arrive
Inside the heart of someone else.
Please give me your word
And I will promise to love you for
Eternity, there I said it.
In front of everybody, there I said it.

In front of God, in front of me,
In front of you, in front of thee.
With all our friends and family.
We'll get to be the lucky two,
We'll get the honey and the moon.
We'll choose Paris or Hawaii.
Funny how it works perfectly,
Your calm demeanor and me,
With my hyper personality.
How many times has love
begun its mighty plight
And taken its own fall.
How does it go from heaven
In your eyes to sorry,
I have to run.

Well only fools will play,
We do it every day.
And you don't have to stay
Until our love turns old and grey.
And if I let you hold my heart
And you feel just like Mr. Right,
It's gonna be, a fantasy.
I'll try to give it all I've got.
We'll try to carry out the plot.
It's Mom and Dad, a crazy family.
How many ones, how many nights?
How many feelings, how many fights?
But you make me want to get it right.
Yeah you make me want to get it right.
You make me want to get it right.
This time

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