A stitch of words to a string of notes, a musician's report to life with song. 8 songs. One after the other, this 37 minute journey unveils an old sound while its tracks foreshadow on an open future. The recording, technically speaking, speaks, with a clarity, the truth of lips moving, fingers clapping, this work was not achieved with a computer screen and a mouse. The toys are good classic guitars, and well it is NOT overproduced.  

Concurrently, seeming as if for the sake of a little game of ping pong, the words meant to be heard, are served. The influences are not strictly American, but include a much larger geography as Yaël was born and raised in Paris, France and Vlady in Poltava, Ukraine. The two meet in love and music to create the "delicious" recordings, mixing languages, juggling aged with modern, grooving through each piece and swinging their listener into and out of bliss.

Detour by Big Boss Bubbeleh

It is a record produced by the artists, in San Diego. What you get is what you got, somewhere between the beginning and the end.
A good place to keep track of Yaël and Vlady's music is on Vlady Yarovinsky's facebook?and on?YaelSongs.com.
Between, they play all over town and their live shows are hilarious, not two the same!