There's a lot of places I'm needing to go?
There's a million faces to know.
All the things you want, you can have them you know.
All you need is a bed and some clothes.
And I just felt the sun warm up the joy in my heart?
And I can feel you crying in the dark.
So how do I tell you I see all that you are?
And it's beautiful and it's rare and I'm awed.
So why do you feel like you've got nowhere at all
When you've got enough heart for us all.

Had there been some things for us to address?

Had there been those changes made.
Cause I'm that bird that was trying to fly?
Well I can do it now and baby it's great.
And I know that fear is there to strangle our lives?
And I can't let you be afraid.
But if you can't let go and see the light of the day?
And if it all feels more like pain.
Cause sometimes in life, the good comes out?
Of the rain and the tears that yours eye make.
Now here's my chance to enlight?
Now here's my chance to get the moral right.

Cause if you see that living is all that we've got?
And if you get to love once that's a lot.
And I keep on, every day of my little life?
And I guess I won cause I was willing to fight.
Well they say love needs to take it's time?
But I Think I'd rather blow your mind.

All and all the way it goes, it's all in our hands
And life's just handing out the chance.
You get as much as you can take, it's your choice
To make it and make it the best you can.
Cause if you see that living is all that we've got?
And if you get to love once, that's a lot.

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