Didn't have time to buy a ticket for the train.
So I took the penalty from the hat man but just the same.
He's never put a smile on someone's face.
He's never said
"hey, great mornin to you all today!"
The place that I come from has your name.
That unicycle, the lovin', and your ways.
Of cruisin desert land with no regrets.
I found the genome of an African Heiress
No shirt, no care, my boots, my greying hair.

I watched you singin' in yer underwear.
Oh livin' in eternal happiness,
Where everything that happens,
you feel blessed.
Who's lookin out for you, it's unbelievable.
And the long way home brought faith
like Sunday Gospel.
It's lovin' like there's no new day ahead.
But there's a here and now
so crawl in my bed.
We all get along in the beginning.
And everytime, it feels like the real thing.

Oh we can keep on playin'
until the play is done.
Act I, Part II, Scene V,
I've loved them one by one.
I just needed life to
show me just how far to come.

Life is your movie, find your actors,
make your places.
Stay clear of fire pits and the R.O.U.S's
Don't keep your heart in a box,
so it won't break apart.
Love like you KNOW this one...
you were made for the part.

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