Personally everything's going so well.
Functionally I'll probably move in this year. 
Reasonably it's the best
thing I've ever come near.
Meritably life and love, are treating me well.
Of time and mind
there is so much that we can give.
The mean and unkind will realize it one day.
Earth and sky, don't know
if we're here to stay.
For peace and smiles,
look deep within and forgive.
Maybe it's me, maybe an eternal soul.
Born under a sign and
gradually finding my roles.
In everyone there's enough
love to be whole.

What you don't know will keep
you inside of your mold.
Have you ever dreamed about the place we will go.

Or have you ever seen the
angel try to come and take you.
Before you know what's piling up above you.
Before you know what your
last breath will show.
It's not easy to say it truthfully.
It's uncomfortable to hear it frankly.
Hey hey hey.

How do you know the
beggar you pass on the street.
Isn't your god, seeing who
you've turned out to be.

How do you know the stranger
you're supposed to meet.
Wasn't your hero in a past life,
or maybe one life will be.
I won't tell the birds to stop
singing their poetry.
I wont' tell the rivers to stop flowing freely.
I won't tell you how to make yourself happy.
You are as free as you were born to be.
Personally is all that I can be.
And I would never have condoned slavery.
I would not have sided with nazis.
First of all I'm Jewish. 
Secondly I'm healthy.

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