I was capable of love and so were you
I could say it from the heart
on day number 2
I was freedom walking alone.?
I was only walking alone.
I grew up to see my life as all brand new.
I had almost cut it off at 22
I could only hear the far and the old.?
I could only see the dark for the whole.
I had to find the one I knew was really good.
I had to make a change,
fix some old misunderstoods.

I asked will you take me back home.
I said you can have me alone.
Flying round to find who we are?
I'd already gotten this far.
I never knew a guy like you
would make me feel.
And that no matter what I did.
You would not be running away?
I would not have scared you one day.
Now it's been a lot more than? 7 days.
Now there's so much more that I can say.

You're more beautiful than I could ever see.
I'm happy that you're happy with me.
We all have our ways
to make ourselves feel good.
It's not that we don't know
what's bad from good.
Well it'll scare you right straight to hell.
But you make your own roadway to hell.
It'll scare you right straight to hell.
We all need a story to tell.

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