I could be afraid of you, but I won't be.
I could make my dreams come true,
And I ain't lucky.
Cause if you say it everyday,
you become it
And if you really could be gay,
would you do it?
Haunted by the fears of living, not realizing
There's fear before there's victory,
It's really amazing.
Your gave me all you had to give...
and I keep it
I know you're the reason why

I live, happy and fit
I owe you more than I could give.
It's been half a year of misery, and of crying.
We're gonna try a different way,
so we're goodbying.

You never had the chance to say it,
did we not hear?
You know what I'm trying to say,
that we'll all be here.
A guy like you is just that great.
True saints don't much come round this way,
It's alright with me if you are gay.
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