This music is amazing.  Yael has her own style and she reminds me a lot of Nora Jones.  This music is very relevant and inspiring.  I love it.  The track titled "The New Proposal" hit me on a very personal level.  As you know, I recently broke off the engagement with my former fiance.  This particular song brought tears to my eyes as I realized that the love expressed in this song is something that I will one day find.  I am inspired now to move on completely and find the woman that is waiting for the same type of love that I have to give...the same type of love that your daughter sings about in this track.  Tell her that she can change change the world with this type of beautiful music. Andrew

Dear Yael; We saw you sing in Encinitas today and you captured our hearts. You are absolutely so beautiful in song and in person. You took our breath away. Listening to your songs again tonight at home from your website leaves us just stunned and we hope you will let us know when your album is ready. We wish you much, much joy and love and light. Anneli/Ed


I am so loving your music CD! I think my favorit on the album s New Proposal followed by All That you Are, Ode To Brassens, Trust Everybody and of course Your Song. You are such a versatile singer and song writer! No two songs sound a like, and what an amazing voice you have! Can you put me on your mail list from your website so that I get updates on where you will be playing? Dave and I would love to come hear you sing again:)

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