I don't know how it happened
I hope it's gonna last
I tell you all my stories
Your rarely need to ask
Cause I already feel it, comfortable for life
And I know that I can live it,
you and me side by side
Cause I don't know how it happened
But I think it can't be bad
That I see you as a hero
The kind that's rarely found
Though you can't clean your dishes
And you don't throw out your trash
And you don't want me to do it
It's not what we're about
Cause I like to hear you laughing
You're easy and you're smart

And I try to understand you
Fights tear this world apart
Well I'm sorry I'm neurotic
I'm a crazy middle child
And I wait for you to tell me
That you'll want me for all time
Some people never to hear it
Wish I could spread it around
As if it were a powder,
just add it to their wine

But you don't even need,
The powder or the wine
Cause you already feel it
Comfortable for life
And we're not in a hurry
I know we've got the time
There's always that tomorrow

Right now the lovin's kind
So I see how it happened
It happens all the time
We all want to get together
We all want someone to find
The guy inside the hero
The hero in the guy
And I want to tell the story
How I had you for all time
And I know that if you let me
I'll make it comfortable for life
I can't wait for you to tell me
You want me to be your wife
Well I'll wait for it to happen
And I'll tell you all the time
That I love to hear you laughing
Cause I love you for all time

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